About A Sensual Portrait

A Sensual Portrait is your creative source for on-location and studio photography services. Our specialty is capturing the essence of sensual art while bringing our client's visions to life.

A Sensual Portrait is owned and operated by Rodney Cook; a professional photographer for over 14 years with a proven ability to capture the ideal image in a given moment. We work with some of the best hair and makeup artists in the industry, as well as have established relationships in place with a variety of other service providers to ensure the most of your shoot with us.

Our focus is on capturing the essence of sensual art and bringing out the best in models or clients alike. A Sensual Portrait specialize in glamour, boudoir, fine art, alternative and artistic genres with a sensual twist while delivering high quality, professional results. our commitment is to capture images that will have a genuine value to you. From corporate entities seeking a creative guru, models seeking publication opportunity/expanding their portfolio, or working with private individuals in capturing memories; our passion and energy are contagious.

Rodney Cook has a genuine passion for the creative arts and working with others in finding ways to add a value to their needs. Photography being the primary outlet for exploring his creative talents; although he also brings a tremendous value in creative consulting, editing, graphic design, and helping models to achieve added success. Rodney's ability to capture the ideal image, utilize resources readily available, and unique perspective have led to a great deal of success in the industry.

Philosophy & Mission

Our Mission: Utilizing photography to capture the essence of sensual art.

We take great pride in this mission and value our customers. Our goal is to bring focus to sensual photography as a recognized style within the industry; a form of photography that captures natural beauty and passion while maintaining a classy appeal.

Our Philosophy: Work with each client to bring their vision to life and capture images that have a value.

We work with each client to understand their needs or vision while applying our passion and creative expertise to bring each photograph to life. We value your business and seek to build lasting relationships with each client we work with.

Photography Equipment

We provide a full lineup of professional equipment to ensure the needs of every shoot or project are met.

We utilize professional grade Nikon cameras and lenses. We are active members of Nikon Professional Services (NPS) as well as ASMP, PPA, and APA associations.

Our equipment list includes strobe lights, light modifiers, umbrellas, softboxes, beauty dish, speedlights, backdrops, light reflectors, props, stands, and much more...